At Dream Days, we understand that planning the Indian catering for your event can be an overwhelming task.

We know there are so many options to take into consideration, but don’t worry we are here to make the process so much easier and help you get the right catering plan for you.

Dream Days offer a wide range of Indian catering. This includes vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food to cater to all your guest’s needs at any party and culture including weddings.


Dietary Requirements

We understand how stressful it can be trying to keep all your guests happy and keeping track of everyone’s dietary requirements. Our aim is to make sure all your guests have a great dining experience and that no one feels they are missing out.

Our traditional and professional Indian catering services provide innovative Punjabi, Muslim, Gujarati and premium English food that take not only take dietary requirements into consideration but elevate them to something special.

Think of your guest list when choosing a menu or when send invites ask people RSVP if they have allergies so we can factor them in a long way in advance.


Catering Options

From great finger food, appetisers and a variety of buffet foods to the drama of seeing our chefs cook live in front of you and your guests we offer a wide variety of catering options. You will not be disappointed with our team who are highly experienced masters at catering for cultural parties and events for all sizes

We know that at a wedding, birthday and celebration the food leaves an impression. So, in addition to our beautiful venues, we want to ensure your guests leave talking about the amazing day, including the mouth-watering food.

We balance menus not only by taste but by ensuring colours are different and garnished so they look well-presented and appetising.

All dishes are created using the freshest ingredients and quality meats.

Head Chef Amit, has 15 years’ experience in event banqueting and catering for events from 50 to 1200 guests.


View our buffet, fresh canapes or platinum menus that use only the finest ingredients, freshest spices and meats to provide fresh and authentic food to your guests.

Dream Days can also help you plan the perfect bespoke stress-free menu for you and your guests at your required budget. This includes catering to your guest’s specific needs with delicious starters, main courses, desserts and non-alcoholic mocktails.

Some of our highly recommended favourites include Alu Papri Chaat, Garlic Chicken and Fish pakora for starters and desserts like gulab jamuns, ice-cream and kheer.

At Dream Days we take every pride in making sure you get every catering detail perfect and to the highest standard delivering the best catering service to match your requirements.

Our chef cooks 80 % of the food fresh onsite including tandoor ovens to make fresh naan bread. We are sure you will enjoy every bit of the menu experience.

Dream Days aim to ensure that all party sizes catered for and budgets where possible. Please contact our team for any further enquiries…

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Tel No: 01474 887 150