Dream days in Kent is surrounded by beautiful Kent venues with breath-taking views.  When choosing the perfect venue, selecting the most suited Indian Bridal lengha is also important.

Dream Days want to make sure you have your wedding outfit and venue at an exceptional standard.

To ensure you find the picture-perfect outfit, we’ve put together some simple ideas which may guide you and give you some inspiration.

Indian Bridal Lengha

Once the Sangeet has begun, the next step is to think of your wedding day outfit. With their being so many to choose from in the modern day, the most common is the Lengha.

Indian Bridal Lenghas are beautiful embroidered two-piece garments traditionally worn by the Bride and wedding guests at Indian weddings.

There are many lengths, beautiful styles, and colours to choose from ranging from red, gold, and cream.  Your choice of colour might be influenced by whether you have a Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindu or Muslim wedding.

When choosing a garment, you will also need to think how easily you walk, sit-down, and dance whilst wearing it.

Being practical

The right Bridal outfit makes a difference to how you set the scene on your big day and how you feel.

When planning your Indian wedding, you also need to consider the groom’s outfit and bride maids to ensure that outfits don’t clash.

Indian brides might also need to consider their heavy jewellery and dress and colour schemes to ensure they are comfortable on their big day. Making sure your bridal outfit matches your makeup may also be essential.

The beautiful patterns and colours you see on materials can also be matched with the venue theme. It may be useful to get swabs of material so you can show our floral design team. We are happy to introduce these colours into the overall theme of your venue.


Matching the venue

After spending so much time looking for that breath-taking Asian wedding venue you need to make sure your Wedding garment is suitable to the set theme.

It’s important to make sure your wedding outfit suits your theme but also matches the classy choice of venue. As those photographs will last forever and say a thousand words.

We have a range of wedding venues which may inspire your choice of Bridal outfit and help set the tone for the big day:

Finally, an Indian wedding is not complete without the perfect Bridal outfit.  Whether you want to style your lengha to match your beautiful venue or just dress to impress the guests. There’s no harm to go out on the embroidery, sequins, and lacing- after all, it is your big day.

We want to make sure your wedding is your best memory so Contact us to plan your dream day!