Modern Hindu weddings are often a mix of great traditional foods with some western-inspired elements. This eclectic mix is the perfect way to serve up a colossal amount of delicious dishes to impress everyone on your special day.

Whether it’s North Indian or South Indian wedding organisation, these traditional Hindu favourites are sure to please your family and friends.

Indian Weddings and Food

Indian Caterers KentFood is an incredibly important part of any wedding and should be a top priority when it comes to Indian wedding organisation.

Indian families everywhere enjoy showing their love with luxurious and delicious dishes, both with and without meat.

If you’re organising a South Indian Hindu wedding your dishes will be comprised of almost all vegetarian foods. Various rich and delicious rice dishes such as Thengai Sadam are a must, piles of Daal, Dosa and Sabzi are sure to.

Creamy curries and rich meat dishes such as butter chicken or lamb are a popular choice for North Indian Hindu weddings. North Indians love lavish food and wedding spreads are generally created to be as decadent as possible – it is a special occasion, after all.

A particular favourite at North Indian weddings is a selection of tandoori meats, serve these alone or with rich naans for a show stopping food spread. Some Hindu weddings will also incorporate a mouth-watering selection of fish curries too, so this is a perfect idea if you have Hindu friends and family from coastal regions.

Indian Weddings & Desserts

There are so many different dessert dishes that can be served up at your Indian wedding but one of the absolute must-haves wherever you are from is Moong Dal Halwa. Traditionally a North Indian dessert, this dish is the one you should look to if you want to show off, as it is an expensive delight reserved almost entirely for special occasions. The dish is not only delicious but takes lots of time and effort to make, so it will be greatly appreciated on the big day.

Another popular dessert that is sure to go down well at any Hindu wedding is Burfi. Burfi is a great dish to serve at your wedding as it is easy to make and can be adapted to contain a range of different flavours. This is a home staple for many, so keep it in mind when organising your perfect Indian wedding.

Generally, all kinds of mithai are greatly appreciated at weddings, so remember to provide lots of Burfi, as well as Jalebi, Ladoo and creamy

Rasmalai too – yum!

Although there are no sets dishes that must be a part of your Hindu wedding, these North and South Indian favourites are just a few ways to give your guests a decadent banquet that they will truly enjoy.

Indian wedding organisation might seem like hard work but choosing the right food will ensure your special day is one to remember.

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