With a rise in the number of women looking for professional hair and makeup services for their weddings, it’s important to find someone who suits your needs and your budget. Professional makeup is essential for flawless photos and a look that lasts throughout the sweat, laughter and tears. This guide offers some tips and advice to consider when choosing a makeup artist for your Indian wedding.

Indian Wedding MakeupFinding flexibility

This may not have been something that initially crossed your mind but it’s important nonetheless.

Finding a professional makeup artist that is happy to work around you and your bridal party is really important for the big day. There’s a whole number of things that can go wrong and a good makeup artist should understand that you might not always be able to stick to timings.

If you find that when talking to someone, they are very adamant about timings or when they can do your makeup, then you may want to think about looking elsewhere.

Flexibility is part of the job as a bridal makeup artist or hairdresser and if they aren’t willing accommodate you then they’re probably not going to be very professional.

Find someone who understands you

Whilst some people may want to opt for a more traditional look for their Indian wedding, this isn’t always the case for others.

When choosing a makeup artist, it’s important to find someone who is open to the kind of cosmetic style you want. A professional artist should advise you if your style isn’t quite right, but will never push a particular look on you because they think it’s more traditional or more attractive.

Looking at a makeup artist’s previous clients, as well as meeting with them face to face, will help you to get a better grasp on what their style is like before the big day.

Do a test run

The longevity that you can get from professional makeup far exceeds anything you might be able to do yourself. To test how professional your makeup artist really is, you should do a trial run a few months before the wedding. This will help you figure out if you and your artist are compatible and whether they understand your needs.

It can be especially important to do this if you have any kind of skin problem that you’d like covered up. This is because the makeup artist should know exactly how to deal with any issues correctly, so that you’re left with a flawless finish that isn’t going to irritate your skin.

And remember…

These are just some of the main things you will want to consider when choosing a makeup artist for your Indian wedding. It’s always important to do your research when choosing any professional for your big day. Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials from previous clients and use social media to ask friends and family for their recommendations too.