With over half of all brides-to-be using Pinterest as their modern day wedding planner, there’s so much inspiration to be gained from using it for your Indian wedding.

Below, we look at some important tips and tricks to help you plan your perfect Indian wedding with Pinterest.

Create Your Ideas Sections

The first big mistake brides to be make when planning their Indian wedding on Pinterest is to create one big wedding board. Whilst this might seem easier at first, as you start filling it up you’ll find that it gets harder and harder to look back on your ideas for specific things like shoes, flowers, food etc.

INDIAN WEDDING PINTERESTTo make things easier on yourself, start your Pinterest wedding journey by creating separate boards for each important area of your wedding.

Some board ideas include:

  • Wedding dress ideas
  • Bridesmaid outfits
  • Groom & best man outfits
  • Wedding shoes
  • Flowers ideas
  • Table decorations
  • Photography inspiration
  • Menu ideas

Take Inspiration from the Experts

INDIAN WEDDING PLANNINGThere are a number of wedding experts on Pinterest that can help to get your creative juices flowing. They’ll give you the best tips on how to make your big day look as professional as possible, offer ideas for keeping it simple or if you’d prefer, teach you how to make your wedding the most lavish event of the year.

Following wedding experts is great for inspiration but remember to be realistic. Professional photo shoots can take several days and costs thousands of pounds, so don’t expect to recreate them exactly.

Personalise your Captions

It’s easy to get a bit pin happy when you’re looking up ideas for your Indian wedding, so you have to make sure everything is clearly labelled as you go.

Clever captions that reflect why you pinned that particular item will give you a clearer idea about what you want later down the line.

Some questions to ask yourself when pinning:

  • Do I like to the colours?
  • Does the design reflect my personality?
  • Is the shape right for me?
  • Is this a good fit for my budget?

Have a Secret Wedding Board

There are two main reasons to have a secret Pinterest board for your Indian wedding.

  1. You can stop your friends, family and followers getting annoyed with your wedding plan pinning.
  2. You can stop other brides-to-be stealing your favourite and most precious wedding ideas.

Either set up all of your wedding boards as private or, have one specialist mixed board with your best ideas alongside your open Pinterest boards.

Use your Imagination

Finally, it’s important to remember that Pinterest isn’t the be all and end all of wedding planning. Just because you have an idea that isn’t on Pinterest, doesn’t mean it’s not a good one.

Whilst there are some beautiful Indian wedding ideas on Pinterest, your own unique ideas are just as important.

It’s your big day, so you should have some unique and personal touches that reflect you and your partner, rather than a mix and match of everyone else’s favourite wedding ideas.