The spirit of Bollywood is fun, colourful, glamorous and often completely outrageous. Just like your own big day, Bollywood is all about celebration.

With the two sharing so much in common, what could be better than a Bollywood style wedding?

We’ve put together some tips and ideas to create a Bollywood themed wedding that’s sure to get everyone talking.


Bollywood is renowned for its glitzy, glamorous style. So naturally, if you want a Bollywood theme for your big day, your wedding décor should reflect this.

For the tables, think exciting, colourful flower arrangements and scatterings of Swarovski crystals for a real dazzling touch. To keep the glam theme going, the wedding room and reception area should also be equally beautiful. Try adding a real wow factor to your meal by draping the ceilings in colourful silks. and create an equally beautiful archway for you and your partner to marry under.

Don’t be afraid to go over the top with your décor, Bollywood equals extravagance and that’s exactly what you should be aiming for with your big day.

indian marriage

Indian marriage


Carrying on with the lavish theme, you can also inject a little bit of Bollywood into the food you serve.

Indian buffets are generally extravagant by nature but if you really want to go that extra mile, you can request a colourful menu with the most luxurious and exotic dishes around. Whether you choose dishes from Mumbai, the home of Bollywood, or pick out the most renowned dishes from your own city, you can turn your wedding food into a piece of art, all in the name of Bollywood style.

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If you’re planning a Bollywood style wedding, then you need to have Bollywood themed entertainment.

To really create a buzz, why not set up Bollywood style dance for the reception to surprise all your guests? Of course, famous Bollywood music is also a must throughout your big day and if you’re looking for some great live music, you might want to hire a traditional sitar player.


Finally, a Bollywood Style wedding isn’t complete without the proper Bollywood attire.

Whether you take inspiration from your favourite Bollywood actors or want to create your own lavish outfit, you absolutely must go all out and dress to impress. Intricate gold detailing, beautifully elegant gemstones, fabulous patterns and the finest materials – incorporate all of these luxurious elements into your attire for a stand-out Bollywood style.

Whilst all of these ideas are important if you want to make your big day extra special, for a truly authentic Bollywood style wedding, you’ve got to let go of your troubles and remember to have fun.

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