Planning the guest list for a wedding is often a wedding task that many couples struggle with.

Although a guest list can seem relatively simple and easy at first, after a while you may find it quite troubling. As traditional Indian weddings are often large events, you may find yourself inviting people that you don’t even know particularly well, which can seem quite daunting.

Nonetheless, there are a number of things you can do to make sure the guest list for your Indian wedding is as stress-free as possible.

Plan early

Indian Wedding Guest ListIt is so important not to leave your guest list to the last minute – unless you want a lot of stress and rushing around in the lead up to your big day.

No matter whether you are having a smaller or larger wedding, there is a good chance that you will have to make several changes to your list and that’s before you have even considered printing the invites.

Designing and printing invites takes a lot longer than you might think, you also need to allow for any delays with the printers that might occur.

Alongside this, your friends and family will need to know about your big day well in advance to book time off work and make travel plans

Talk it over

If you’re worried about leaving people off of your guest list by accident, then make sure you share it with another friend or family member. Traditionally, guest lists for Indian weddings are looked over by both sets of parents before they are finalised, but you don’t have to follow tradition if you don’t want to.

When it comes to putting together your ultimate guest list, sometimes it makes sense to enlist the help of others.

Remember the effects

Indian Weddings in KentWhen deciding how many people to invite to your wedding, you must take into account how it will affect your big day.

You might not realise it but the number of guests you have will change every element of the event, from the catering, to the seating plan and the money you spend on wedding favours.

If you’re trying to stick to a budget but still want to invite as many people as possible, draw a preliminary list first and then cut it down little by little until you have found the perfect medium.

Make it your own

Whilst it is a good idea to ask for help when drawing up your guest list, you have to remember that it is your big day and not your family’s wedding.

It’s nice to try and please everyone but make sure you are happy with the list.

Following tradition is important for a lot of people but if you want a small affair then there isn’t anything wrong with that.

By taking these simple things into consideration during the run up to your big day, you can make planning a guest list for your Indian wedding as easy and fun as possible

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